About Us


The Smart Agent Real Estate Group aims to provide our clients with a professional and successful real estate experience and Property Management in Melbourne with a highly motivated and positive team. With honest advice at the core of our business, we back it up with expert industry knowledge and targeted and well-executed marketing campaigns.

Not only does the director, Prit Pal, possess intimate knowledge of the real estate industry in Melbourne, but our entire team has deep industry knowledge. We look forward to providing you with a great experience that is stress-free and pleasurable. The Smart Agent Group prides itself in continuously improving our market research, competitive edge and taking onboard feedback seriously and making changes accordingly.

At Smart Agent Group, we take great pride in our name and look forward to having you experience the next generation savvy agent who is ready to help you achieve the results you seek.


We believe that our clients deserve a superior experience for one of the most important decisions they will make in their lives. Our team of real estate professionals use the latest technology tools to help you make informed decisions based on fact, not on outdated data and marketing strategies. We are all about delivering outstanding results for our clients.


Whether you are ready to sell or looking to sell with the brightest agents in town, get in touch with us today. Backed by solid data and superior real estate and local knowledge, you are in good hands.


Our agents have strong business ethics, positive selling history, outstanding customer service but most importantly, deep industry and local knowledge. This talented group is responsive and ready to take on any challenge for our clients all across Melbourne. We all know that building trust and delivering results is at the top of the list in real estate. At the Smart Agent Group, our highly experienced result-oriented agents show you how it’s done.

Mission & Vision

MISION: We pledge to provide ethics, superior customer experience, and professionalism in every interaction with you. Our clients have always come FIRST.

VISION: Be recognised as a leading agency in Melbourne who provides top-notch advice, in-depth analysis on property trends, reliable factual market information, and securing superior beyond our client’s expectations. The Smart Agent Group aims to redefine the standard of excellence in property seller service, customer service and create simple solutions in Melbourne for clients with our technologically advanced solutions.